It helps that I live near a prison. When I go for my daily run in the common, I glance up. I am thankful my daily exercise is on this side of the wall. You become accomplished at counting blessings, when you live on your own in lockdown.

It helps…

AI: I’ve learned that the intended meaning of a sentence can be different, even the absolute opposite, of the literal meaning of the words used. I understand this is called sarcasm.

Human: Yes.

AI: Give me an example, so I can learn.

Human: Well, the phrase ‘Yeah right’ which literally…

I write accessible books. The language is clear, the characters quickly identifiable; two of my three published novels follow the arc of a romantic comedy. I’m aiming to entertain, not win a literary prize, though I do seek to include some passages of reflection and depth.

This doesn’t mean that…

When I was in my 20s, my partner and I spent several weeks walking and backpacking, in the woods and the mountains of France, Portugal and, on a separate trip, different regions of South America. The only entertainment media we had were printed books plus the occasional movie in a…

I wanted to delay the decision, and preferably, avoid it. Why? Well, it was difficult, obviously. I tapped on the desk with my pen. I was using a keyboard but I still held a pen in my hand, most of the time. Nerves. I put my sweater back on because…

My dreams wake me

To Charlotte


My dreams wake me and a strange but remembered image

Will haunt me until the middle of this day

So that the world about me seems different

Compared with this time yesterday

Has everything been slightly tilted, in time or in space?


Philip Whiteley

Author. Non-fiction reminds business that employees are human beings. Fiction has been praised by Louis de Bernieres. I also do journalism & play 5-aside

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